I never thought I’d be in need of an attorney, let alone for my 13 year old! Unfortunately, that’s just what we were facing. Without going into details, we were in desperate need of an attorney and found this law firm. Thank God!!! They’re amazing! They’re on point, at all times! They’re personable and caring. The money spent was not cheap for our case but well worth it! They defended my son and also took the time to redirect his attention to more positive things! They always took my calls, they always called prior to a court date to remind us. They give advice that is helpful…even when it came to the appearance of a teenager in court, right down to his haircut! We were blessed to have them on our side…and the outcome was exactly what we are praying for!!!! Elizabeth is an amazing attorney, a smart cookie and honest!!!! If you do find yourself in need of an attorney…give them a call!!