Drug Offenses

Arizona takes a hard stance on drug crimes. Those accused of drug crimes in Phoenix and across the state can face harsh penalties in an unforgiving courtroom. For both misdemeanor and felony drug cases the State of Arizona can issue stiff penalties for conviction. If you’re facing drug charges in Maricopa County or anywhere in Arizona, you need to take formulate a serious defense strategy. Elizabeth Mullins has defended hundreds of people accused of drug crimes ranging from simple drug possession to drug trafficking, production charges and more. The prosecution will work to build a strong case against you. Fight back with the power of a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side.

Drug Crimes in Arizona

Drug crimes cover a variety of criminal offenses in Arizona. In some situations, drug cases may be charged as misdemeanor offenses or felony cases depending on the evidence, your defense, and other aggravating or mitigating factors. Drug charges can vary based on the:

  • Substance in question
  • Amount of drugs present
  • The perceived intent with the drugs
  • Location of the drugs
  • Other unique circumstances

Virtually anyone can find themselves facing drug crimes charges. Drug crimes charges can result from the manufacture of illicit drugs, to allowing a drug-using friend or family member in your case, to being under the influence of a doctor-prescribed medication. If you’ve been charged with drug possession, drug use, or any other drug crime in Arizona, choose personal defense counsel you can rely on.

Arizona Drug Crimes

In the State of Arizona, drug crimes charges can affect anyone involved in manufacturing drugs, anyone using drugs, and anyone caught anywhere in between.

Unlawful possession of a drug in any amount may result in drug possession charges. In the State of Arizona, drugs are classified as

  • Narcotics ARS §13-3408. These include heroin, cocaine, crack, and other opiates. This includes possession of many controlled painkillers without a valid doctor’s prescription.
  • Dangerous Drugs ARS §13-3407. Methamphetamine (meth), hallucinogens such as LSD, ecstasy and other substances may be prosecuted as possession of a ‘dangerous drug’.
  • Marijuana ARS §13-3405. Although legal for medical use in Arizona, those suspected of possessing marijuana in any form without a prescription, or medical marijuana users who have let their cards expire or have more than the allotted amount, face serious charges. This can include edibles, wax, vape pens, and certain oils.

You can be charged with drug possession without possessing drugs. Possession of drug paraphernalia can result in drug possession charges in Arizona under ARS §13-3415.

Drug DUI (ARS §28-1381)

Driving-under-the-influence charges are not limited to alcohol-related cases. In Arizona, those suspected of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of any drug may face drug DUI charges, in addition to other possible criminal charges. Drug DUI charges may result even with a valid prescription for possession. Many prescription medications are reputed to affect the ability to drive and the state will prosecute those suspected of driving under the influence of drugs, narcotics, or prescribed medications.

Drug Trafficking

Also known as distribution charges, drug trafficking charges include the transportation of drugs, sale of drugs, or conspiracy to distribute drugs. This includes marijuana and narcotics as well as the unlawful distribution of prescription medications. Trafficking charges may be filed for the sales or transport, or an offer to engage in either under ARS §13-3405, §13-3406, §13-3407, §13-3408, §13-3411.

Depending on the substance, the quantity, and other factors (such as how the suspected drugs were packaged and stored) trafficking charges can carry various sentencing limits. Other aggravating factors such as the inclusion of a firearm or different violent charge can further complicate drug trafficking charges. The penalties for a drug trafficking conviction in Arizona can be severe. If you’ve been charged with a drug trafficking offense you need to start working on your defense immediately.

Drug Manufacturing & Cultivation Charges

In Arizona, the production or intended production of any drug or regulated substance in any amount through natural or synthetic means can result in drug manufacturing charges. Drug manufacturing charges may also be filed against people suspected of packaging or labeling drugs. Possession of the necessary ingredients for producing drugs can also result in drug manufacturing charges.

Defending Against Drug Charges in Arizona

Arizona has some of the most severe drug laws in the nation. An effective drug crimes defense can lead to reduced criminal charges, a reduction in sentencing, alternative sentencing options, or a complete dismissal of all charges. If you’re facing drug charges in Maricopa County or anywhere else in Arizona, call the Phoenix Law Office of Elizabeth Mullins and start working on your defense.