Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can lead to severe criminal penalties. Damage to your career and reputation often begin the moment an allegation is made. In the State of Arizona, domestic violence charges typically result when a person is suspected of committing certain crimes against a victim with whom they share a personal relationship recognized by the courts. These include various romantic relationships, but also relationships between family members and even roommates.

The prosecutor’s office can file domestic violence charges based on suspicion alone. Even if the alleged victim declines to press charges, a prosecutor can still bring domestic violence charges against the accused. The courts can impose severe sentences and punishments for those found guilty of domestic violence. If you’ve been accused of domestic violence in Phoenix or elsewhere in Arizona, you’re facing serious repercussions. Go on the defensive. Contact the Law Office of Elizabeth Mullins and get a serious criminal defense attorney on your side.

Domestic Violence Charges in Arizona (ARS §13-3601)

Domestic violence charges require a relationship between the defendant and the victim in which they:

  • Are now, or have ever been, married to each other
  • Have children together (or if one of more parties is pregnant)
  • Live in the same household, including as unrelated roommates
  • Are related to each other by family or through marriage
  • Share a parent-child relationship

Domestic violence is not an independent charge, but rather an enhancement to these criminal offenses:

  • Homicide, Murder, and Manslaughter §13-1102, §13-1103, §13-1104, §13-1105
  • Dangerous Crimes Against Children §13-705
  • Assault and Aggravated Assault §13-1203, §13-1204
  • §13-1201
  • Threatening or Intimidating 13-1202
  • Custodial Interference §13-1302
  • Unlawful Imprisonment §13-1303
  • Kidnapping §13-1304
  • Sexual Assault §13-1406
  • Unlawful Disclosure of Images §13-1425
  • Criminal Trespass §13-1502, §13-1503, §13-1504
  • Criminal Damage §13-1602
  • Interfering with Judicial Proceedings §13-2810
  • Disorderly Conduct §13-2904
  • Cruelty to Animals §13-2910
  • Preventing Use of Telephone in Emergency §13-2915
  • Use of an Electronic Communication to Terrify, Threaten or Harass §13-2916
  • Harassment §13-2921
  • Stalking §13-2923
  • Surreptitious Photographing, Videotaping, Filming §13-3019
  • Child or Vulnerable Adult Abuse §13-3623

In domestic violence cases, prosecuting attorneys can visualize themselves as champions for victim’s rights. They are may press charges regardless of the alleged victim’s wishes. After the police arrive, personal reconciliation between the parties is irrelevant. The police can and will make an arrest if they believe there is enough evidence to support charges.

Grounds for Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges can sound dramatic, but the incident doesn’t necessarily have to be. If the police can tie a criminal complaint to a domestic relationship they may file domestic violence charges regardless of severity of the offense. Domestic violence charges can result from an argument at home, loudly scolding a child, or even breaking your own property. The county can bring domestic violence charges against the accused absent any injuries and without consent from the alleged victim.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident if you’re facing domestic violence charges in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona you need an experienced defense lawyer.

Penalties for Domestic Violence in Arizona

Domestic violence charges can impact many aspects of your life. An accusation alone can cause significant damage to your reputation and affect family court proceedings or child custody arrangements. A conviction for domestic violence can result in anything from expensive counseling classes to mandatory jail time or prison time.

Arizona domestic violence charges are prosecuted to the highest degree. Those accused of domestic violence in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona may face:

  • Mandatory jail sentences
  • Excessive fees and fines
  • Court-mandated education classes
  • State-issued separation orders
  • Lengthy probation terms
  • Felony convictions and more

A domestic violence charge can destroy your career, up-end your personal life, and result in permanent separation from the ones you love. If you’re facing domestic violence charges in Arizona you’ve got a lot at stake. Don’t take chances, take the charges seriously. Get an Arizona domestic violence attorney and start fighting back. Contact the Phoenix Law Office of Elizabeth Mullins for your total domestic violence defense.