Victim Representation

Crimes can leave many people devastated in their wake. Those facing accusations of a crime can often retain personal, high-powered defense representation. Those feeling victimized by a crime often feel like they must rely on the State for advocacy. The State of Arizona has a reputation for prosecuting crimes with fervor but in the quest for justice, the victims of crimes can often feel cast aside.

In court cases, a victim is a party to a crime recognized by the courts. Certain criteria must be met for recognition as a victim. Those achieving recognition may be available for a victim’s advocate through the county prosecutor’s office (in most jurisdictions). Victim’s advocates are supposed to guide victims throughout the proceedings, yet often serve as little more than information kiosks, despite their benevolent intent.

Victim’s advocates typically are not lawyers and may not be the most adept at securing victim’s rights. In court cases, offenders can get a lot of attention while victims feel largely forgotten. If you’ve suffered because of a crime or have lost a family member or loved on to a crime, you need a voice speaking out on your behalf. Exercise your rights as a victim with an Arizona victim’s rights lawyer dedicated to protecting you and pursuing your best interests.

Am I a Victim of Crime?

Those feeling victimized by crime must meet certain criteria set by the State to be legally recognized as a victim of a crime. In some cases, people can feel victimized yet will not qualify for designation. In others, people may be victimized yet unaware the State offers any recourse. In Arizona, victims of a crime may be:

  • Anyone directly impacted by a criminal act
  • Anyone related to someone killed or incapacitated during a crime

Relationships extend beyond blood relatives to include those associated through marriage, including spouses and in-laws. As victim’s advocates are often offered through the courts, many are unaware that a lawyer may act as representation for victims instead. Retaining a lawyer to personally see to your rights as a victim can help alleviate some of the challenges accompanying victimization.

Rather than relying on bureaucracy, rely on an experienced Arizona victim’s rights attorney to see your case through. Gain the advantage of a lawyer dedicated to your interests. A personal victim’s rights attorney will help ensure:

  • Your rights as a victim are always observed
  • You are kept fully informed of all the details pertinent to your case
  • Your opinions regarding pretrial release, plea negotiations, and sentencing are considered

The State of Arizona dedicates a great deal of energy toward prosecuting cases. Ensure you receive the same level of attention with the help of an experienced victim’s rights lawyer on your side.

Arizona Victim’s Bill of Rights

The State of Arizona outlines a bill of rights for victims of crimes. These are meant to guarantee victims fair and just treatment in the courts. As with most court proceedings relying on the State to automatically act in your best interest may leave you feeling disappointed. Retaining a victim’s rights attorney will help ensure the State affords you the victim’s rights you deserve. Arizona victim’s rights include:

  • Receiving fair and just treatment, free from intimidation or abuse.
  • The right to be present at, and give testimony during, certain court proceedings.
  • Notice of all court proceedings associated with their case.
  • The right to refuse participation in legal requests put forth by the defense.
  • Access to the prosecution and pre-sentencing reports prior to conviction.
  • A speedy conclusion to their case and swift payment of restitution owed.

Victims may exercise their rights without risk of upsetting court proceedings or invalidating charges against the accused. There are some cases in which the victim’s bill of rights will not apply, primarily if the victim is also the perpetrator or serving another criminal sentence. It can be challenging to go on the initiative following victimization in a crime. Let an experienced victim’s rights attorney pick up the fight on your behalf.