Federal Crimes

State crimes are handled in the various counties’ Superior Courts, Justice Courts, and City Courts. Federal crimes are tried in the District of Arizona. Federal law is separate from state law and subject to a different court process. Those accused of federal crimes face complex court proceedings with outcomes unique to the federal level. In Arizona, federal charges can result from crimes on or against national property, through violations of federal law, or through investigations by federal agencies. If you’re facing federal criminal charges in Arizona you need a lawyer licensed to practice federal law, in federal court. For your federal crimes defense from start to finish, contact the Phoenix Law Office of Elizabeth Mullins.

Federal Crimes

Many different criminal charges fall under federal jurisdiction. In the State of Arizona, you may be charged with a federal crime for:

Crimes committed on federal property. If a crime is committed on federal property it is classified as a federal crime. This includes crimes on federal lands, such as on a military base or Indian reservation, against property such as U.S. Mailboxes, and against employees of the federal government.

Crossing state lines in the commission of a crime. If, while in the commission of a criminal offense, the suspected perpetrator crosses state lines, they may face federal criminal charges.

Weapons charges. Any federal crime involving a weapon may result in additional weapons charges. Federal weapons charges can also be filed in cases of suspected trafficking, fraudulent weapons obtainment, and illegal possession of a firearm.

Immigration crimes. DHS and ICE are actively combating immigration crimes in Arizona. These can include human trafficking and illegal reentry. If you’ve been arrested for an immigration-related offense, the penalties can be severe.

Crimes Investigated by Federal Agencies. Federal agencies typically have better resources than local law enforcement. The federal government actively investigates and prosecutes individuals suspected of child pornography, health care fraud, mail and wire fraud, money laundering, and racketeering offenses.

You may be charged with a federal crime for any suspected participation in criminal activities uncovered by a federal law enforcement agency. These include investigations by the FBI, DEA, ATF, USSS (Secret Service), IRS, DOJ, and many other government agencies.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

The federal sentencing guidelines are a complex formula for determining the appropriate punishments for federal crimes. At the basic level, sentences are computed based on:

The Seriousness of the Federal Offense

First, federal offenses are placed into one of 43 categories of seriousness. As the seriousness of the offense increases, the number value increases with it. The result is a Base Offense Level. Special characteristics such as the use of a weapon or in cases of dollar amounts exceeding certain amounts can adjust the Base Offense Level. Other adjustments may be made in either direction of the scale based on the offender’s role in the crime, cooperation level with authorities, the number of charges, and any aggravating victim circumstances.

The Criminal History of the Offender

Those with previous criminal convictions can expect to face harsher penalties under federal sentencing guidelines. The guidelines include labeling offender criminal history levels one through six. Level one is for those with little to no criminal history while level-six offenders tend to be repeat offenders with lengthy criminal records.

These numbers, along with other potential considerations, are used to determine an appropriate sentence for those convicted of federal crimes. To fight federal charges, you need a defense attorney who can defend you in a federal courtroom. If convicted, an attorney knowledgeable in federal sentencing guidelines can help ensure you receive the minimum necessary sentence.

Federal Crimes Attorney in Phoenix

Federal crimes can carry very severe penalties including significant prison time, and high fines. Elizabeth Mullins will fight federal charges on your behalf. If you’re facing federal charges in Arizona, gain the benefit of a criminal defense lawyer with experience defending the accused in federal court. Call the Phoenix Law Office of Elizabeth Mullins and start fighting back against federal criminal charges.