White Collar Crimes

Traditionally, crimes fell into two categories: white-collar crimes and blue-collar crimes. Blue-collar crimes referred to street crimes which typically carried a degree of violence, while white collar crimes remained largely non-violent and financial in nature. Today, white collar crimes encompass a number of crimes motivated by financial gain. In the State of Arizona, white collar crimes are frequently prosecuted at both the state and federal level. If you’ve been charged with a white collar crime you could be facing severe state and federal penalties. Gain the advantage of a financial crimes attorney licensed to practice at the state and federal level. Phoenix white collar crimes lawyer Elizabeth Mullins can help you fight RICO charges, financial crimes charges, health care fraud, and other white-collar criminal allegations.

White Collar Crimes

Those accused of white collar crimes are typically people in professions with access to significant sums of money. It’s not uncommon for innocent people to suffer allegations if the money goes missing. In some cases, people may be trying to hide their own actions. In others, people may simply be desperate to assign blame for failed investments or downturns in the economy. White collar crimes charges independent of guilt can destroy your reputation and end your career.

The name may deceive you. White collar crimes may be largely non-violent, yet they still carry significant criminal penalties. White collar crimes are a broad category of charges encompassing many financial crimes, including:

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud may be committed by an individual or by a group. Credit card fraud charges can be filed against anyone suspected of utilizing an improperly-procured credit card. This could be through the theft of a credit card or by using someone’s card without their permission. People accused of operating credit card skimmers may face credit card fraud charges. Credit card fraud may be committed with a physical credit card or through details gleaned from an internet source or corporate database.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is the attempt to disguise illegitimate earnings as legitimate. Money laundering charges may be filed against those suspected of concealing illegal funds through:

Creative banking solutions

Investing in real estate

Trading in precious metals

Investing in cryptocurrency

International trade deals

Loans and gifts to family and friends

State and federal officials working to stop money laundering operations can make mistakes. If you’ve been accused of money laundering in Arizona, contact Phoenix white collar crimes attorney Elizabeth Mullins and start preparing your defense.

Other Types of Fraud

There are many other types of fraud which can be prosecuted as white collar crimes. These include, but are not limited to:

Insurance fraud. Those accused of falsifying insurance documents may be charged with insurance fraud.

Mortgage fraud. Suspected falsification of loan documents can lead to criminal charges of mortgage fraud.

Securities fraud. Illegal actions on the securities and commodities markets can result in charges of securities fraud.

Identity Theft

In Arizona, someone can be charged with identity theft if they are suspected to have:

Engaged in phishing scams, hacking, or other online activity which acquired, or aimed to acquire, the personal details of others.

Posed as another person to commit a crime, avoid prosecution, gain access to their personal information and more.

Forgery of checks, applications, and other documentation.

In the State of Arizona, you may be charged with identity theft if suspected of these and other crimes. Identity theft charges can carry debilitating criminal penalties for those convicted.

White Collar Crimes Defense in Phoenix

Often, people accused of financial crimes may be unaware crimes are taking place. Employees may be unwitting accomplices to white collar crimes, while others commit white collar crimes through no act of malice, but through a simple error or omission. In other cases, people knowingly commit white collar crimes out of desperation as a means to save themselves or their families from financial ruin. If you’ve been accused of a financial crime, that doesn’t make you a criminal, but it does mean you’ll need to respond to those charges aggressively. Contact white collar defense attorney Elizabeth Mullins and start preparing your defense today.