Administrative Actions and Hearings

Criminal charges can trigger a landslide of negative consequences. Beyond facing the outcome of their criminal case, those charged with a crime in Arizona may also face crippling administrative actions from the State. While often prompted by criminal charges, administrative actions proceed independently from them. These typically result in the suspension or revocation of state-regulated licenses and other privileges. Administrative actions in Arizona can include, but are not limited to, suspended or revoked:

  • Driver’s licenses
  • Fishing and game licenses
  • Trade licenses
  • Medical and dental licenses
  • Guard licenses
  • Other professional licenses

Students charged with a crime in Arizona may also face academic expulsion from their school or university. Administrative actions are not dependent upon proof of guilt in a criminal court. Oftentimes, the consequences of administrative actions will take effect well before the criminal charges have been resolved. The good news is these actions can often be challenged, the decisions appealed, and the outcomes overturned. In many cases, those facing administrative actions in Arizona have the right to schedule an administrative hearing prior to a decision that can have lasting consequences.

Administrative Hearings in Arizona

Administrative hearings are legal hearings proceeding separate from Arizona criminal charges. In most situations, administrative hearings are conducted as bench trials – hearings without the presence of a jury. Presiding over administrative hearings are administrative law judges (ALJs) – appointed individuals with the authority to issue recommendations to the licensing agency. Administrative law judges grant the involved parties (and their counsel, should they retain a lawyer), to submit evidence and testimony regarding a decision to be made by a regulating agency. State-issued licenses are often an important part of our lives; suspension or revocation of these licenses can be debilitating. Administrative hearings give those facing penalties by administrative actions an opportunity to convince the issuing agency otherwise.

Most administrative actions have strict time limits. Take a proactive step in protecting or regaining your license today. Call the Law Office of Elizabeth Mullins and enter your administrative hearing with an aggressive, highly-rated defense attorney by your side. For help scheduling and preparing for an administrative hearing in Maricopa County, contact the Law Office of Elizabeth Mullins today.

Administrative Hearings: FAQ

What is an administrative hearing?

An administrative hearing allows those with suspended or revoked state-issued licenses to challenge the decision. Administrative hearings are typically less-formal than criminal proceedings and are generally conducted without the benefit of a jury.

What is an administrative law judge?

Unlike judges elected to a position, administrative law judges (ALJs) are appointed employees of the state. Wielding a reduced level of power, ALJs issue recommendations after hearing both sides of the case. While often heavily influenced by ALJ recommendations, issuing agencies are not bound to abide by them.

Who controls administrative hearings?

The agency controlling administrative hearings is the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings. To schedule an administrative hearing in Phoenix, Maricopa County, or anywhere in the state, requests must be submitted through this agency. For a simpler route, people facing administrative actions can also submit requests for hearings through their defense attorney.

Why should I hire a lawyer for an administrative hearing?

There’s a lot on the line. Administrative hearings are formal legal proceedings that can have a big impact on your life. All parties must receive notice. Administrative hearings leave little room for error or omission. A skilled Arizona defense attorney can be a valuable asset in navigating administrative hearings.