Melissa G.

I recently used Elizabeth Mullins for my case that was tried in Tempe and dismissed. I was very impressed with her skills and her team. The day I showed up to court, she was there early and prompt. She was cool, calm, and collected which helped me feel at ease. She had many case studies to back up my case, and she was organized with all of my filings. Her and her team had really put forth the effort and done their homework. She took care of me and told me the step by step process on how everything was going to go. She met with me many times before our court date whenever something new had developed with my case. If I had any questions, comments, concerns, she would write or call me back by the end of the day if I had missed her. She made me feel at ease and really helped me out. If I ever needed a lawyer again, she would be the first lawyer I would call.