Chris D

I met Elizabeth Mullins after the worst night of my life. I was stopped by police driving 69mph in a 35mph zone. Worst of all, 9 year old son is a passenger. Slurred speech and slow reactions are captured on multiple police officer body-cam videos. Also captured on multiple videos are embarrassing and complete failures of all field sobriety tests. Blood alcohol test at station eventually comes back at more than 70% over the legal limit. The night ends with multiple felony charges for DUI. Then comes Elizabeth Mullins, a mercenary who is retained to help even the battlefield in an otherwise un-winnable series of fights. And she prepares a plan of war that will end in the best possible result for my seemingly helpless situation.

Results. My felony charges are reduced to a single misdemeanor. Zero time in jail and a short period of unsupervised probation. Boom. Elizabeth Mullins takes my impossible case, and somehow in the end even has the presiding Judge (herself a former prosecutor) commenting that she cannot believe what a favorable plea offer I received! I always had a sense of calm come over me when you walked into that courtroom. I knew you would not let anything horrible happen to me, despite myself. This is my sincere thank you! And if I ever see you again, I hope it will be as a friend and not my brutally honest lawyer!